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The Flotational bulletproof vest is designed for marine threats & rescue. The integrated solution provides the wearer with a life preserver vest for man overboard emergencies as well as protection against bullet threats.

The flotational bulletproof vests are suited for the Navy, coast guards, water rescue, anti-pirate units & fisheries.


Manual and automatic 150N buoyancy with automatic roll-over for self-righting.

Made with water-repellent and self-draining materials for quick drying.

Separate pockets for soft armour panels and hard armour plates.

Harnesses keep the bulletproof vests in place and prevent it from riding up when inflated and in water.

Wearer’s arms are unrestricted for swimming when deflated and inflated.

Emergency Drag Handle.

Easy to deflate and re-assemble.

Automatic emergency light and oral top up.

Level II/IIIA soft armour vest for front, back and side protection.

Soft Armour in conjunction with (ICW) neutrally buoyant hard armour plates can provide level III protection.