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Tactical Alexa

The Tactical Alexa bulletproof vest is a premium solution that combines the need for a more slim modern designed tactical plate carrier with a molle system.

The cummerbund closure allows the wearer to remove the vest without needing to remove the multiple attachments.

This vest is suitable for an armed response, tactical response, guarding, anti-gang or anti-poaching units.


Front & Back Protection. The side is optional.

A lightweight and compact vest.

Full molle system for weight bearing and attachment of pockets on front, back and sides.

Lined with breathable material for moisture-wicking and improved airflow.

Padded back design for extra comfort.

Taking off the vest without the need to remove attachments.

The tactical Alexa vest can be worn alone as a plate carrier.

Level II/IIIA soft armour vest.

Soft Armour in conjunction with hard armour plates can provide level III and level III+++.