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The standard bulletproof vest is designed to distribute the vest weight across the entire torso to limit fatigue during long shift wear, increase comfort when driving and ease of weapon drawing.

It can be worn as a soft solution against handgun threats or up armoured for protection against rifles. 

Commonly worn by law enforcement officers (eg. police, metro, traffic) during policing, crowd control and criminal encounters. These vests are available in HI-VIS branding and non-HI-VIS depending on the wearer’s needs.  


Front, back and side protection.

Adjustable sides and shoulder straps.

Each bulletproof vest has front & back pockets to accommodate the soft armour panels & hard armour plates.

Ergonomically designed.

Wearer comfort for driving, ease of movement and weapon handling.

Level II/IIIA soft armour vest for front , back and side protection.

Soft Armour in conjunction with (ICW) hard armour plates can provide level III & level III+++.