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The Military vest is available in client-specific camouflage or plain material suitable for the tough environment during an active war. The bulletproof vest has fixed or removable interchangeable pockets depending on field requirements.

It is suitable for outdoor terrain, keeping the user discreet when faced with operational threats. The Military vest is worn by Armed Forces including Border Patrol, Special Forces & Army Bases. 


Front, back and side protection.

Additional add–on protection for the neck, upper arm, groin protection and thigh protection.

Adjustable sides and shoulder straps.

Full molle system for attachments.

Lined with breathable material for moisture wicking .

Emergency Drag Handle.

Separate pockets for soft armour panels and hard armour plates.

Specifically designed for military operations providing wearer comfort for ease of movement and weapon handling.

Level II/IIIA soft armour vest for front, back and side protection.

Soft Armour in conjunction with (ICW) hard armour plates to provide level III and level III+++.